At-Home Teeth Whitening Strips: How Often Should You Use Them?

Did you recently get a box of teeth whitening strips with promising reviews printed on its back? You probably saw all the five-star ratings and how the formula can lift the shade of your teeth by multiple levels. But no matter how safe it may seem, you can’t go ahead and use whitening strips every other day. So, how often should you use at-home whitening strips, and are they even safe to begin with? In this blog, you will find everything you need to know about teeth whitening and more.

How Often Should You Use Whitening Strips?

No matter how yellow or stained your teeth are, using whitening strips to brighten them every day is not the answer. Although it mainly depends on where you got your whitening strips from. That is to say, if you got your teeth whitening strips from the drugstore, using them on a daily basis is not ideal. Simply follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the back. For dentist-given strips, consult the dentist for more information before starting your teeth whitening journey.

If you have finished a box of teeth whitening strips but don’t think the results are worth it, try getting a professional teeth whitening treatment instead. However, avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth with whitening strips.

Are Whitening Strips Better Than An In-Office Treatment?

Whitening strips may provide good results, but when compared, they aren’t as effective as a professional treatment. This is because dentists use a very specific measurement of bleaching agents that is specially customized according to the shade of your teeth. Not to mention in-office whitening treatments use a preventive gel on your gums to keep them from burning or getting harmed. Overall, a dentist-led teeth whitening procedure is far more beneficial and has a guaranteed outcome than a self-attempt.

Do This Before Using Teeth Whitening Strips

If you’re new to at-home teeth whitening, try following the tips mentioned below to get the best results without damaging your teeth in the process:

  1. Brush your teeth at least 30 minutes before a teeth whitening treatment, be it professional or at home.
  2. Be careful when whitening your teeth at home, as it could lead to uneven patches and spots. A professional treatment ensures all your teeth are evenly whitened.
  3. Do not go overboard when using whitening strips, as that could damage the enamel of your teeth and cause oral sensitivity.
  4. Do not let any bleaching agent get on your gums. Since whitening strips are doused in these agents, they could badly damage the tissues if they make contact with your gums for even a little bit.
  5. Avoid eating or drinking anything that could easily stain your teeth after a whitening procedure. This includes tomatoes, fizzy drinks, coffee, etc.

In a Nutshell

Teeth whitening strips are very useful, there’s no doubt about that, but using them too often can lead to dental problems rather than simply whitening them. Thus, to ensure your smile gets a bright makeover, that, too, in the safest way possible, schedule a professional teeth whitening procedure with DentaLand Dentistry at (832) 674-8377. You can also drop by our dental clinic for more information at 5003 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084, located near Subway.

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