Oral Cancer Screening in Houston, TX

Oral cancer is an invasive disease with serious consequences. According to research, over 30,000 Americans are diagnosed annually with oral cancer. That’s why our dentists offer regular oral cancer screening in Houston, TX, to assess the warning signs of this disease and provide immediate treatment if necessary. At DentaLand Family Dentistry, we utilize modern equipment and diagnostic measures for a comprehensive assessment of oral cancer. They are an important component of preventive dental care and maintaining the health of your oral cavity. If you notice any irregular symptoms in your mouth, contact us for an expert consultation today.

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    Oral Cancer Screening

    What Are The Warning Signs of Oral Cancer?

    The initial signs or symptoms of oral cancer may remain unnoticeable until it progresses to a more severe form. However, our Houston, TX, dentists will perform a thorough clinical examination during oral cancer screening even if everything seems normal. Certain factors that may indicate the presence of oral cancer include:

    • Sores on lips or mouth that do not heal or reoccur frequently
    • White or red patches inside the mouth
    • An irregular growth or lump
    • Numbness in certain regions of the mouth
    • Difficulty in eating or swallowing food
    • Weakened or mobile teeth
    • Pain in the jaw, near ears, or surrounding areas
    • Changes in the natural bite of teeth

    Questions About Oral Cancer Screening ?

    Who Should Get Oral Cancer Screening?

    Our dentists suggest getting regular oral cancer exams in Houston, TX, particularly if you are at high risk. The risk of oral cancer increases due to certain factors, which include:

    • Chronic smoking
    • Prolonged consumption of tobacco
    • Regular alcohol consumption
    • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
    • Presence of precancerous conditions

    If you are among the high-risk group, it is recommended to get regular screenings for oral cancer. Early diagnosis of this disease can allow better treatment and prevent serious complications.

    What To Expect From Oral Cancer Screening in Houston, TX?

    Before starting the screening process, our team will record your dental and medical history to determine possible risk factors. We’ll then begin with a visual examination of your oral cavity and surrounding regions. We’ll look for abnormal lesions or growths in your mouth, face, or neck. Using special instruments, we will also examine the posterior part of your mouth and throat for anomalies.

    Often, the lesions are hidden and not visible clinically. Our dentist will also palpate around your lips, gums, and soft tissues to feel the presence of any suspicious nodules or bumps. If any warning signs are present, we will opt for other diagnostic tests, including biopsy, to achieve an accurate diagnosis.

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    Our dental practice is one of the best centers for comprehensive oral cancer screening in Houston, TX. If you have noticed any alarming signs in your mouth or surrounding areas, contact us immediately for an early assessment. We have the latest technology and devices for accurate diagnosis of oral cancer. Contact us at (832) 674-8377 to schedule an appointment today.

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