Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX

Issues associated with wisdom teeth are among the most frequent reasons for visiting a dentist. They erupt late or often may remain impacted in the jawbone, causing complications at a later stage. DentaLand Family Dentistry provides comfortable wisdom tooth extractions in Houston, TX, to maintain your oral well-being. Our trained professionals have years of experience performing simple and surgical extractions with minimal pain and discomfort. For your comfort and satisfaction, we also provide different sedation options to help you feel at ease during treatment. If you are facing difficulty due to wisdom teeth, contact us for a consultation today and get the best solutions for retaining your oral health.

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    Wisdom Tooth Extractions

    Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed

    Wisdom teeth are the third molars that appear in the back of your upper and lower arch. They erupt around the age of 17 to 21 years. By this time, the development of the jaws is complete, and they may not have enough room for wisdom tooth eruption. This may cause the impaction of wisdom teeth. Without proper treatment, the impaction may lead to other complications, which include:

    Severe pain: Impacted wisdom teeth often cause pain and discomfort if left untreated.
    Gum infection: The gum overlying a partially impacted wisdom tooth may get inflamed or infected. It causes a condition known as pericoronitis.
    Disturbed oral functions: Due to impacted third molars, you may have trouble eating, chewing, or swallowing food.
    Damage to surrounding teeth: If a wisdom tooth is carious or infected, it can also threaten the health of adjacent teeth.
    Crowding: Those with insufficient jaw space may suffer from overcrowding of teeth due to the late eruption of wisdom teeth.

    Considering these factors, our Houston, TX, dentists recommend timely wisdom teeth extraction to maintain the health of your remaining teeth and gums.

    Questions About Wisdom Tooth Extractions ?

    Types of Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX

    The removal of wisdom teeth depends upon their position, degree of impaction, shape, size, and other factors. Our dentists will perform clinical and radiographic exams to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. At our facility in Houston, TX, we perform two types of wisdom tooth extractions:

    Simple extraction: This method is safe for completely erupted third molars. If they are not positioned at a difficult angle and are accessible, we will remove them manually without using surgical techniques.

    Surgical extraction: If the wisdom teeth are partially or fully impacted, we incision over the gums and access the bone to remove them. For easy removal, we may section the tooth into smaller fragments. After finishing, we will place sutures to close the incision.

    Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Hurt?

    Before starting the procedure, our dentists administer local anesthesia for painless wisdom tooth removal in Houston, TX. The anesthetic agent numbs your teeth and surrounding tissues for a few hours, so you will likely not experience pain during the procedure. However, you may feel slight discomfort during surgical extraction because it is an invasive procedure. After complete removal, our dentists will provide post-extraction guidelines to help you recover smoothly.

    Started bringing my daughters here 2018 and loved it. They do an amazing job with little ones. They go an extra mile to make them fill relax and comfortable. Wait is not long at all.

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    First time here and I loved it for my boys! The customer service was excellent the dentist was very welcoming and answered all my questions and concerns. I absolutely loved Mari she assured my 7 year old every step since he has anxiety she was so patient with him! Thank you so much dentaland see you guys in 3 months

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    It was my first time coming due to a tooth ache and was very impressed with how clean and kid friendly it is. Receptionist were nice and welcoming. Nurse was pleasant. Dr. Nguyen was awesome he was very informative and explained everything thoroughly before and during my treatment . Thank you!

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