Orthodontics in Houston, TX

If you are unsatisfied with the appearance of your smile due to crooked, misaligned, or spaced teeth, you may consider orthodontic treatment. At DentaLand Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive services for orthodontics in Houston, TX. Whether you are in need of braces, Invisalign, retainers, or functional appliances, we got it all covered. Our specialized treatment plan is targeted at correcting the misalignment of your teeth and jaws, improving oral functions, and enhancing facial aesthetics. Call us to book a consultation with us today.

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    When Do I Need Orthodontic Treatment

    Orthodontic issues can arise due to different causes and may impact your teeth, jaws, or both. Our orthodontist in Houston, TX, will examine your oral cavity and facial structure to determine the type and extent of malocclusion. Common issues that may necessitate orthodontic treatment include:

    Crowding: It can occur when the jaw is narrower or has insufficient space to accommodate all teeth.

    Spacing: Large gaps or spaces between teeth can result from prolonged thumb sucking, use of pacifiers, or mouth breathing.

    Open bite: When the upper teeth do not close over the lower teeth properly, it can result in an open bite. It may occur due to chronic habits or jaw irregularities.

    Crossbite: It occurs when one or more lower teeth close in front of the upper teeth during occlusion.

    Overbite: The upper teeth protrude outward and cover a significant portion of the lower teeth in an overbite.

    Underbite: It occurs when the lower teeth close ahead of the upper teeth, resulting in a reversal of normal occlusion.

    Questions About Orthodontics ?

    What Are The Preliminary Steps of Orthodontic Treatment?

    Many people want to achieve a straighter smile, but not everyone requires a lengthy treatment. Our dentists will perform a detailed assessment of your teeth and jaws to determine if you are eligible for orthodontics in Houston, TX. It includes:

    • Complete oral and medical history
    • Clinical examination of the oral cavity
    • Full mouth X-rays
    • Impressions of your arches

    After studying your case in detail, we will form a personalized plan that focuses on correcting orthodontic issues and improving the look of your smile.

    What Are The Treatment Options For Orthodontics in Houston, TX?

    Our services for orthodontics in Houston, TX, have a wide range, including fixed and removable treatment options.

    Braces: Using metal or ceramic braces, we correct the misalignment of teeth and jaws. They involve a system of brackets, wires, and elastics.

    Invisalign: It is a series of clear aligners that fit over your teeth to reposition them in a discreet way. They are removable and require a shorter treatment duration.

    Functional appliances: These appliances can be fixed or removable and primarily focus on correcting the position and development of the jaws.

    Retainers: Retainers are worn after the completion of orthodontic treatment to hold the teeth in their new position and prevent relapse.

    Started bringing my daughters here 2018 and loved it. They do an amazing job with little ones. They go an extra mile to make them fill relax and comfortable. Wait is not long at all.

    Veronica Hernandez

    First time here and I loved it for my boys! The customer service was excellent the dentist was very welcoming and answered all my questions and concerns. I absolutely loved Mari she assured my 7 year old every step since he has anxiety she was so patient with him! Thank you so much dentaland see you guys in 3 months

    Queen Moon

    Been here a few times, everyone is always friendly and the facility is always clean. they always ask if you’re doing okay and guide you step by step. my experience with mary and the dr. was great today, will definitely be returning!

    Elida Aponte

    It was my first time coming due to a tooth ache and was very impressed with how clean and kid friendly it is. Receptionist were nice and welcoming. Nurse was pleasant. Dr. Nguyen was awesome he was very informative and explained everything thoroughly before and during my treatment . Thank you!

    Claudia Garcia

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    If you are a Houston, TX, resident searching for orthodontics, look no further than our dental practice. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with a personalized care plan. Call us at (832) 674-8377 to schedule a consultation.

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