Root Canal Treatment In Houston, TX

Dental fillings can fix minor cavities in teeth, but if the damage has reached the inner pulpal tissues, you will require root canal treatment to preserve your teeth. Although many people feel anxious at the prospect of getting a root canal, rest assured that it is a common dental procedure and is carried out under local anesthesia to reduce pain. At DentaLand Dentistry, we offer comfortable root canal treatment in Houston, TX, that helps to retain the maximum functions of your teeth. So if you are suffering from severe toothache, book a consultation with us by calling (832) 674-8377 and learn whether root canal treatment would benefit you.

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    Root Canal Treatment

    What is A Root Canal Treatment?

    Root canal treatment, also known as root canal therapy, is an endodontic procedure that involves the removal of the pulp and sealing the root canals with a permanent restoration. The pulp is the innermost layer of your teeth, containing blood vessels and nerve endings. When a tooth gets infected or cavitated, the bacteria reach the pulpal tissues, triggering an inflammatory response. Due to this reason, you feel immense pain and lingering sensitivity in your teeth.
    Root canal treatment in Houston, TX, helps to preserve your natural teeth. By extracting the damaged pulp tissue, we can limit the spread of infection and prolong the lifespan of your teeth.

    Questions About Root Canal Treatment ?

    When Is It Necessary To Get A Root Canal?

    The need for root canal treatment may arise due to tooth decay, dental infection, trauma/injury, or other factors. Our dentists recommend root canal treatment in Houston, TX, if you exhibit a few or more of these symptoms:

    • Toothache that ranges from dull to sharp, throbbing pain
    • Lingering sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli
    • Extensive tooth decay
    • Swelling of the gums
    • Increased tenderness
    • Pus discharge around the infected tooth
    • Tooth discoloration
    • Difficulty in biting and chewing food
    • Orofacial swelling

    Steps of a Root Canal Treatment in Houston, TX

    A root canal procedure may take one or more appointments, depending on the severity of your case and the number of teeth involved. Typically, root canal treatment in Houston, TX, entails the following steps:

    • Initial consultation and diagnosis: During your first visit, our dentist will assess your teeth to determine whether they would benefit from a root canal. We will perform a few diagnostic tests, including dental x-rays, percussion tests, transillumination, etc., to understand the extent of the damage. 
    • Canal opening: The process begins with the administration of local anesthesia. We will drill a hole in the crown to access the root canals. 
    • Pulp removal and debridement: Using special needle-like instruments, we will gently extract the damaged pulp and thoroughly clean the root canals. Next, we will irrigate the canals and allow them to dry. 
    • Sealing and crown placement: Once the canals are clean, we will seal them with a rubbery material and place a temporary filling on top. Later a crown is fixed over the tooth for additional support and protection. 
    Started bringing my daughters here 2018 and loved it. They do an amazing job with little ones. They go an extra mile to make them fill relax and comfortable. Wait is not long at all.

    Veronica Hernandez

    First time here and I loved it for my boys! The customer service was excellent the dentist was very welcoming and answered all my questions and concerns. I absolutely loved Mari she assured my 7 year old every step since he has anxiety she was so patient with him! Thank you so much dentaland see you guys in 3 months

    Queen Moon

    Been here a few times, everyone is always friendly and the facility is always clean. they always ask if you’re doing okay and guide you step by step. my experience with mary and the dr. was great today, will definitely be returning!

    Elida Aponte

    It was my first time coming due to a tooth ache and was very impressed with how clean and kid friendly it is. Receptionist were nice and welcoming. Nurse was pleasant. Dr. Nguyen was awesome he was very informative and explained everything thoroughly before and during my treatment . Thank you!

    Claudia Garcia

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    The symptoms of tooth decay or a dental infection can be quite troublesome. Root canal treatment in Houston, TX, provides immediate pain relief and saves your tooth from further complications. Contact us today to book an appointment with our qualified dentists.

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